Welcome To Busy Diary! The first Virtual Assistant provider specifically for the Beauty Industry

We save you Time & Money so you can scale up your business

Are you a clinic owner in the beauty industry?

Not enough time in the day to manage all your work and get it all done? Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated as you are not using your time for the things that allow you to grow your business and have the free time to do what you love the most?

We’ve got you!

Scale your Business

Are you looking for serious business support to scale your clinic and increase your profit margin? We provide clear strategy and implementation support, guiding you from A -Z.

Streamline your Systems

Are you leaving money on the table because you don't have the right systems in place? From answering your calls to managing your CRM system, we have got you covered.

Become an Industry leader

With the right support, tools and vision there is no limit to what you can do with your business! Is it your time to pivot or own your current role? We would love to support your vision.

Free up your time

Are you currently overwhelmed with tasks? Concentrating on doing what you do best in your business and let our team do the rest!

Why work with us?

It is simple! We have been where you are and we understand what it takes! With years of experience running and marketing numerous successful clinics in the UK, we have seen it all.

With our vast experience in the trenches we built a a model that we have personally tried and tested to success!  We work with only the best people and our process is built to suit YOU and around your busy diary. Because we know that very few work harder than clinic owners and entrepreneurs!

Support from a team of virtual industry experts

No set-up fee or long term contracts

Month to month commitment only. No long term contracts

Flexible packages to suit your exact needs

Our Services

The list below is not exhausting. We have summarized our most popular services but we will  customize our offering to fit your exact needs to support you and your business in the best way possible. If you have a problem in your business we can almost guarantee we can help you find a solution to it!

Special Launch Offer

Online Business Support and Strategy

Being a business owner is tough! Our team of business managers can help you regain clarity for your business, strategy and implementation for streamlining and better business practices.

Marketing & Lead Generation

Want to take it a step further? Let our team manage your SEO and paid advertising to generate further leads for your business, We can also help with Website design, Landing Page, email marketing setup and branding.

Social Media Management

Spending hours everyday creating and managing your Social Media channels? Our Social Media team works tirelessly ensuring your message is on brand and that you are maximizing that very important organic growth, through strategy and implementation.

Administrative Support and Call Services

You probably need an employee, but this can be expensive. Whether for an hour a day or full time, we will take care of all your tedious admin tasks. What is included? Everything you’d expect from a high calibre Virtual Executive Assistant. And then some.

Our Process

We have designed a seamless non hassle process for our clients to join our Busy Diary team!


Book a Strategy Call


Need Analysis Form


The Magic Match


Let the Magic Happen

Book a free consultation call with us so we can understand your needs and create a strategy for you moving forward.

Fill out the need analysis form that we can get a better idea about identifying the needs and assigning the best fit VA for you

 We will set up the meeting between you and your virtual assistant and with the guidance of our client manager we set you up for success!

Your virtual assistant is integrated into your working and personal life, as you see fit, giving you the time and headspace to focus on the things where you add most value.

What They Say

Will I have my own personal assistant?

Yes! Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated account rep (assistant) who will work on their account every day and know it intimately.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are made up primarily of beauty practitioners, PMU, Skin and Aesthetic clinics and also Dentists. The idea is that we handle all the time consuming tasks for you in a professional matter to allow you to have time to do what you do best!

What happens when my assistant is out of office?

While you will have a dedicated assistant, they will also have a support team familiar with the account who can step in when they are aware. This way we can assure that your operation continues to run smoothly.

How will my needs be met?

We work with every client to find out exactly what their individual needs are. From there, we will build out a custom package that is tailored to deliver exactly what is that they need. While we have general best practices for what works well, we feel that each business has its own specific needs and it is our job to meet those needs.

How do we choose our virtual staff?

Our Virtual assistants have many years experience in the industry, including time spent working for international companies like NHS. They have gone through a thorough screening process and have been handpicked by us to serve you!

Choose Your Perfect Package


  • From
  • Social Media

  • Get social media strategy and management to fit your need. From basic to comprehensive services
  • From
  • Admin

  • Various VA packages ranging from 20 -70 hours monthly.
  • From
  • Paid ADS

  • Lead generation strategy and management. Flexible options
  • From
  • Full Time

  • Comprehensive business support depending on specific need analysis.